The Process

At Minds Matter, we understand the importance of not only protecting but nourishing one's mind. Our mission is to eliminate the stigmas associated with mental health while promoting acceptance and awareness. Consistency is required for progress but laughter is life's way to recharge.

Psychotherapy services are offered starting at age 2 until early adulthood. Early detection, followed by early intervention is highly encouraged. Treatment is based solely on the needs of clients served. Often times parents or caregivers are hesitant to reach out or ask questions, Don't be! We are here to listen, serve and offer clinical guidance.

Family members are vital to the process and must be involved. A great deal of time, effort and energy is spent ensuring loved ones are educated about interventions and understand the significance of their continued participation.

We provide individual, family and group therapy. Sessions are offered at the traditional center based location, but assessments and periodical sessions can be conducted in home, community or school settings depending on the needs of those served.

If you have questions, concerns or are ready to start this journey please reach out. We are eager to assist. The first step is to ensure we are equipped to treat the existing condition, then we verify insurance and or pay type. After that we schedule the initial 60 min. session. From there;  client and provider decide on goodness of fit and if we will move forward with regularly scheduled sessions and or make necessary community referrals.