Nicole Worrell, MSW Intern

Walden University Student

A wife, a mother, a US Army Veteran. An advocate for change, a doer of good and someone who above all desires to make a difference. May she feel  welcomed, appreciated and fully supported in her introduction to the clinical field of Social Work.

Jessica Herzog, MSW, Intern

APSU student

She is our first post COVID-19 intern. She is utterly amazing, passionate, caring and of a clincal mind set. It is a privelege to support and guide her as she grows stronger in her abilities. We are truly blessed to she has joined the team.

Please help us congratulate Ms. Decotah Reese for completing her Internship. She sought out Minds Matter and convinced us to accept our first BSW intern. She is a mother, an entrepreneur and a second-generation college graduate (Dec 11, 2020). She is vibrant, passionate and plans to pursue a Master’s degree.

"Do not dim your light nor change the essence that is you. Elevate your craft, perfect your presence, embrace your inheritance and build upon that what got you to this very moment. W.S."